TIPS: For easily transitioning into a lifestyle change

Today I am sharing tips to easily transition into a lifestyle change! You hear it all the time 'It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change'. Let's face it, if you want results that statement leads to be true. I have been struggling myself as of lately and decided a back to basics post could help motivate me, along with all of you.

Small changes usually lead to BIG results. Remember patience is important, results definitely do not happen over night (as awesome as that would be). 

1// If you are making the transition to a lifestyle change and not following a specialized program, I highly recommend you invest in a planner or a journal. I use Whitney English's Day Designer. Preplanning your meals, and keeping track of what you consume is about a 30 second process that promises great results. It allows you to be accountable for your actions. Also the MyFitnessPal is a great free app to use online to meal prep and track food consumption.

2// It is important to eat a mostly 'clean' diet. The word clean gets thrown around a lot, and a lot of people think they are eating 'clean' but in reality they aren't. Clean is foods that come from the earth. God made foods, meats, greens, grains, etc. I eat mainly lean cuts of beed, turkey, and chicken. In addition eggs are a protein I eat quite frequently. However, moderation is KEY. I love me some tacos, pizza, and chocolate. It's okay to eat processed, cheesy deliciousness once in awhile but you can't over do it, if you want to yield results. Just because food is labeled low fat, reduced fat, and non-fat doesn't mean it's a good choice. I would rather have more 'real' ingredients, then processed 'healthy' food. Or another alternative is to make your favorite foods a bit healthier, opt for whole grain taco shells and a leaner cut of meat for the filling. Use a flatout to create your own pizza. The more strict you are with avoiding foods you love, the more than likely you will end up having a bingefest with regret. So treat yourself once in awhile and don't feel the guilt.

3// I can't express how much water has helped in aiding my weight loss. Water is vital for weight loss. There have been many beneficial reasons to make sure you get your water in everyday. It's a natural detox, it rids of bloat, it helps you feel fuller longer, it helps acne diminish. 

4// Late night snacking a problem? Lately, I have been mindless eating/snacking at night just because food is there, or out of boredom. I had to go back to my basics I learned when I was first losing weight. Brush your teeth! That is my magic tip! Nothing is worse than eating something right after you have that minty fresh taste in your mouth. By the time the mint tastes wears off your craving usually has passed. 

5// It might sound silly, but I swear by it. Put on a cute workout outfit, it makes you want to work out. Usually workout clothes are flattering for any body type, and can definitely be used as a motivator to get your workout on. Not to mention it gives you a reason to go shopping to bulk up your workout wardrobe. My favorite workout line lately is from Carrie Underwood Calia.

It doesn't seem like much, but it is small changes that help make you make permanent lifestyle changes. Sometimes I fall off track, but that is why it's a lifestyle change. You fall off the wagon, you get back on the wagon. Don't focus on the small picture, focus on the bigger picture. Where small changes can get you! 


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