Happy Birthday

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Today I want to dedicate this post to my late Daddy. Today he would have been 70 years old. A milestone birthday that he spoke about quite often for the last few years. It is hard to believe this time last year I drove down his driveway with a card and gift bag in hand eager to give my Dad his birthday present.

For YEARS he always spoke about wanting to make it to another Pirate baseball game before it was 'too' late. I always laughed at him and told him to stop talking like that. I mean after all he is my Dad, my hero, he will be around FOREVER. I gave him his bag and he began to open it and pulled out a Pirates T-shirt. He said 'Thanks Kel'. I told him aren't you going to read the card? He said he would read it later and I obviously had some kind of look on my face that read "OPEN THE CARD RIGHT NOW' because the next thing he said was. Please don't tell me you spent money on Pirates tickets. I told him to just open the card already! He proceeded to open the card and there they were. Three Pirates tickets, directly behind home plate. Instead of a thank you, I got 'WHY WOULD YOU SPEND MONEY ON THIS KELLY'. I told him because he keeps talking about going to a game for the last several years and I know he would never, ever spend the money on himself. So my present for him was to take him and his lady friend to a game against the Colorado Rockies. After the initial shock surpassed, his smile was enough to tell he was excited. He called his girlfriend and told her that I got them Pirate tickets for his birthday, she was also very excited. Fast forward to July 18, 2014 I took my Dad to that Pirate Game. It was a beautiful day. Not too hot, not raining, it was perfect. The Pirates took the win that day, so my Dad got to experience the fireworks at PNC Park as well. 

He told everyone he could about what a good time he had at that game. He asked me if we could ago again next year and I said I can make it happen! 

I never thought in a million years I wouldn't be able to share that experience with him again. Tears rolling down my face as I am finishing this blog post because I miss my Dad more than words can describe. It was him and I for so long I don't know what to do without him. Losing my Dad has been extremely difficult in general more specifically how tragically I lost him, but it is days such as Father's Day, his birthday, and other holiday's that make it just that more painful. 

Today I want to celebrate my Dad and his 70th Birthday. I love you Daddy! I miss you more than I ever thought I could. Love your little girl.


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  1. I lost my dad too when he was 68. Him and i did not have the same kind of bond you and your dad had but we had a bond of our own. I was not able to be there the day he took his last breath, i was rushing to get there but God decided i was not suppose to be there. though i cried , he knew how i felt....You shared that moment that was a lifetime experience for both of you.:) Sharing your life like this is wonderful for your heart and a way of showing the world your dad, for those who did not know him. He is with you you know in every moment you share. Thank you for sharing your life with the world and those of us who read this :)