Makeover Monday: Summer Romance Edition

My typical go to look is minimal or no makeup at all with a top knot. So flattering correct? When you don't have many places to go during the week it seems like it is my best option, I'm sure others can relate. 

However, when I do wear makeup I tend to get various compliments. I have had several individuals ask me if I am a professional makeup artist. The truth is no. I have no professional training when applying makeup. I just practice and do a lot of trial and error. Seriously it is the best way to learn.

Today's look is more of a summer look with a sprinkle of romance! I love rocking that romantic look during the summer months. 

What I did:

Hair: I started by sectioning off my hair. I took a one inch curling iron and began the process of curling the hair. My method is I have no method. I curl each piece in a different direction, sometimes I use the clamp, and sometimes I wrap my hair around the barrel without using the clamp. I stop and take breaks by starting on my makeup throughout the hair curling process. Between each section I spray a small amount of dry shampoo to the curled hair (I use dry shampoo instead of hair spray to have a more natural curl look it helps keep the curl and minimize the frizz). Then I let cool. I repeat this process until I am done with my entire head. Once completed and the hair has cooled, I gently run my fingers through my hair.  

Makeup: I always start by applying primer to my face. Followed by foundation. Contouring is my next step then I apply my highlighter and concealer. I take a blending brush and blend the contour and the highlighter! (Blend a lot! You can never over blend! Blending diminishes those harsh lines). Next I apply eye primer, while that dries I apply blush to the apple of my cheeks. I pat the color right onto the apple part of my cheeks and then I take my blending brush and blend it out as well. I return to my eyes and take my brow liner to my eyebrows to fill them in to make them have a more defined look. Once completed I apply shadow to the lids of my eyes. I use a base color, a crease color where I pat the color into the creases with a crease brush. Sometimes I leave the portion under my crease with just the base color or sometimes I will add more color for a more dramatic look. I highlight my brow bone and then I take a darker shadow color with my eyeliner brush and pat around the eye. I take the blender brush and blend the color out. Finally I apply a few coats of mascara because I like to achieve that more dramatic eye without the use of always applying falsies. Then apply a lipstick or gloss, and the look is now complete!

Products used:

Face Primer // Photo Finish Oil Free Face Primer by Smashbox
Foundation // HD Invisible Cover Foundation by Makeup Forever in color 128
Contour and Highlight // Shade + Light Contour Palette by Kat Von D in color Sombre | Contour and color Lucid | Highlight
Concealer // Radiant Creamy Concealer by Nars in color Custard
Blush // Blush by Nars in color Orgasm
Brows // Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills in color Dark Brown
Eye Primer // Behind the Scenes by Lorac
Eye Shadow //  PRO Palette by Lorac in color(s) Buff | Base of eye | Nectar | Crease of eye | Rose | Bottom lid | Beige | Brown bone | Snow | Inner corner of eye | Cocoa | Eye liner
Lip Liner // Lip Liner To Go by Sephora Collection in color 5 Deep Aubergine
Lipstick // Alter Ego Lipstick by Lorac in color Duchess
Lip Gloss // Ultra Shine Lip Gloss by Sephora Collection in color Babydoll
Curling Iron // I can't remember I have had it for quite a few years and it was either purchased at Target or Sally's!
Dry Shampoo // Naked Dry Shampoo by Herbal Essences



  1. You definitely have some talent much talent. Great way to use your blogging as well. :D

  2. I never tried using dry shampoo when curling, but I will this weekend! Thanks Kelly! :)

    1. I swear it works! Maybe because I have fine hair but totally try it!